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Annuities, there is a new slate of hard work for the body and mind. Unions: “Ensure that these categories are out at 62”


give her forest workers for staffBuilding, by station operators e heavy machinery for staff health and social services, Passes through agricultural Which Founders. These are just some of the 31 categories identified by the Institutional Committee for Hard Work headed by former Minister Cesar Damiano, who approved the document that the Labor Ministry will now transmit to the government and chambers. Since last spring, the special committee set up by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando It works on the new “arrangement”, developed by the intersection of various illustrations including Data from Inail, Istat NS snooze that assess the physical and psychosocial burden of tasks as well as related indicators Accidents and accidents at work. A change in pace from the past, given that for the first time the list is based on Scientific data Which identifies the categories that are more exposed than others to physical burdens and work pressures.

The unions are satisfied and are now waiting to participate in the discussion. About the Secretary of the Confederation UIL Domenico Prueti The Secretary General Uilp Carmelo Barbagallo “This is a very important contribution to guide the choices to be made in the next stage Budget Law to define one Flexibility Reaching retirement on a large scale 62 yearsThe thread intersects the knot end of class 100which expires at the end of the year. List of heavy duty categories already up tosocial monkey, which also ends at the end of December and can be they expanded If the structural is not made e expanded. measure allows you Get early retirement with at least 63 years of age, without any critical for the beneficiary (Unlike the voluntary monkey). Unions are asking for more Flexibility In obtaining a pension, taking into account the severity of work and usury.

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“Well, if it is confirmed, then the proposal to acknowledge Construction workload Lowering the threshold for accessing the so-called Super Ape Social to 30 years of contributions,” comments in a note Alessandro Genovese, Secretary-General of philia sigil, the main association of construction and wooden furniture. “Construction workers are in fact among the workers most susceptible to occupational accidents and diseases, with One of the lowest life expectancy, in a strip where undeclared work NS interruption They are endemic traits. Also positive was the recognition of the hard work of carpenters and industrial painters. However, the goal remains to ensure the system flexible outputs Based on International guarantees At the joint request of CGIL, CISL and UIL for a comprehensive reform of the pension system. In particular, if the indicators of the ability to reach Ape Social with 30 years of contributions and 7 out of 10 in recent years in the sector are confirmed, as in Fillea Cgil Nazionale we estimate at least 15mil Those over the age of 63 can access it in the next three years, not only the generational change that is now more urgent in light of the demand for renovation, new building techniques and new materials, but also and above all the reduction of serious and fatal injuries. In fact, 1 in 4 serious accidents involves workers over the age of 60. It is time for the grandparents to get off the scaffolding – concludes Genovesi – to enjoy, after years of effort, their grandchildren and the rest they deserve.”

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