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Announcement of INPS, a new function of the Social Security drawer for taxpayers


The Social Security drawer for taxpayers expands its functionality. INPS ad with recent connection.

A new function has been added to the INPS social security drawer (

I Pension drawer It is a service provided by the Italian Social Security Institute that allows you to control your services Contribution statusAllowing verification of key features and information via single channel access.

INPS is taking necessary steps for this Expanding the services provided Linking it to the Social Security ladder; The latest one concerns a new service that has been added to the section GDPR Services Designed for public employees. It is clear from the communication that the new function has been named View 770/Circ.38 Which allows you to view reports sent from 1996 to 2004.

What is it for and how does the new pension drawer option work

The new function of the Social Security drawer (

There are two ways to search for data, one that allows you to extract data for individual years and one that instead allows you to view all years for which there is data from submitted reports.

Each complaint indicates the following:

  • Declared number of employees;
  • Legal and economic data displayed for each employee;
  • Any errors could have limited or prevented the flow of information into the databases fed into complaints.

The search can also be performed using each member’s tax code. This method allows access to legal and economic data, as well as other detailed information such as, for example, the member’s retirement or the possibility of submitting alternative reports.

If, for the years in question, there is a need to adjust the amounts, as shown in lira without deleting the final three zeros, or for problems related to the conversion of lira to euro, the administration/body may request the relevant regional decision General Arrangement Office of the data received by the Institute for the year concerned. The request can be forwarded through the “two-way communication” function on the Social Security drawer or via certified email.

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After evaluating the request, the Regional Office engages the central administration and the Information Technology Office to begin updating and correcting the data.

After publishing the announcement, the service became available and can be accessed by entering the personal area of ​​the INSP website.


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