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Annalisa, Conte’s desperate plea for the Sanremo Festival


the next Sanremo Festival 2025 It will be directed and managed by Carlo ConteAnd that’s the only certainty at the moment. We still have several months to go, that’s true, but it’s never too early to start talking about it. Hosts and guestsIn particular, for several weeks now one of the most likely names for Participate in hosting the festival Besides Carlo Conte, there are two very popular singers: Elodie H AnnalisaHowever, if the former revealed her desire to focus only on her music, the latter expressed herself very clearly about this hypothesis, with a real answer. Appeal to Carlo ConteLet’s see what Annalisa said.

Annalisa reveals:In Sanremo next to Carlo Conti? That would be nice.

Annalisawas fresh from a huge success. Guest on microphones Subasio Radio Where it was revealed very clearly Whether or not she would accept a possible offer to go to Sanremo as a co-host.

Am I ready to host the Sanremo Festival alongside Carlo Conte? Oh my God, you have to ask him. Actually, let’s first state the basic hypothesis: at the moment, Carlo Conte has not called me or told me anything. So those things you read are gossip and they exist. And that gossip is also a good thing, but it is still gossip. Would I do it? It would be nice to say. For once in Sanremo without pressure it wouldn’t be bad, I’m honest. So it could be a nice thingA, revealed Annalisa.

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Annalisa, Carlo Conti’s Appeal to the Sanremo Festival

Carlo Conte’s appeal? Of course, Carlo, let me live this peaceful experience. – Then he confirmed singer to the microphones Subasio RadioWhich could be stressful for other reasons I can imagine, but I’ll do it. It’ll be another great step for me and my career. We’ll see.

Nothing has been decided yet, and after this revelation who knows what will happen? Call from Carlo Conte It can’t come too soon. For Annalisa, it will be a great experience, but also for Carlo, appearing on stage in different forms than usual could be a real coup.

while, Annalisa also revealed the emerging artists she would like to collaborate with.:”I have to say that I love Anna, I love her very much and I have never hidden it. I also love Clara very much. I would be happy to collaborate with them. And then it is not easy to say who is the emerging player, because many young people have already done a lot of great things. What if I did a duet with Laura Pausini? It is clear that we are talking about a giant, someone who has set a precedent. Imagine if I would not want to sing with an artist like that

In short, there are still all possibilities and all hypotheses in the field, both regarding what will happen next San Remo That’s it for them. Annalisa’s Future CollaborationsSo all that remains is to wait: time will give us all the answers.

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