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Android Auto 8.0 is in distribution, but there is bad news

Android Auto 8.0 is in distribution, but there is bad news

Only in the past few hours the release of Android Auto 8.0However, it is clear that the high expectations of this major release are not being fulfilled for the time being. Usually with every digital leap of the release fundamental changes are introduced and in fact Google expected some changes last spring, when it revealed the new version called “Coolwalk”.

during the event Google I/O 2022 There has been talk of moving to Material You, of a general redesign of the icons and spaces in order to show more elements at the same time, and above all an introduction 3 split screen layoutallowing you to continue navigating with Maps in the foreground along with the list of multimedia content being played and any interactions with the Google Assistant.

The app is currently rolling out from the Play Store, but there is no trace of all the slightly above expected changes at the moment. Could it be a punctuation error? At the moment this is not known but the first observations say that there are no visual differences that can be detected by Version 7.8.0 only the previous update introduced some errorsso it is possible that the latest version will fix problems encountered and make other small improvements.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the promised big changes, which according to Insight’s APK Code Wizards, will still be in the works but may arrive in the next few weeks. We just have to wait a bit! Google had promised the new version would arrive by summer and in fact the season is not over yet.

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