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Andrea Zinga a strange reaction from his body: “They are incomplete”


Andrea Zinga fans are really worried about him: what happened? Her foreign body reaction: “It’s incomplete.”

Is Andrea Zenga sick? His fans and followers are very concerned about his health after the former Big Brother Vip 2020 contestant, who is happily participating today. Adua del Visco Known on the reality show Canale 5, she posted a story explaining what happened on Instagram.

But what is this? As we know these days, summer vacation has begun for him, and for this reason, the boy, who is a well-known personal trainer by profession, revealed that although there was no sun yesterday, he still found something to be gaudy. splatter along the entire body.

It’s actually a fairly common thing, which is a erythema, but at the same time it caused him some discomfort. Let me be clear: the boy is fine, he is not at all, but his fans and followers are concerned about his health.

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Andrea Zenga worries fans: ‘They are incomplete’

Andrea Zinga “In Patches” Due to obvious erythema caused by prolonged exposure to the sun while at sea on vacation with his beautiful girlfriend Rosalinda Canavu and her friends.

But in the end, after taking a special cream in the pharmacy, everything returned as it should. In short, eventually everything came back and the ‘Warning’, if it could be defined as such, was spot on وكان appease.

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Andrea Zinga Hammami

In short, finally, these holidays are just beginning for him and we can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with everything else the summer, without forgetting the fact that for the upcoming TV season there will be big plans for it and beyond.


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