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Andrea Rupsiak, her fianc, defends herself: "She's not gone, she's gone."  To her father: I'm in trouble

Andrea Rupsiak, her fianc, defends herself: “She’s not gone, she’s gone.” To her father: I’m in trouble

Simone Cresty, the 43-year-old boyfriend of Andrea Rupsiak, is said to be “quiet” in the abduction investigation after the disappearance of traces of a 27-year-old man who has been missing since March 12. But he doesn’t think badly because he says he knows her. “Who saw that?” He says this on the microphone, but his lawyer, Emanuel Giuliani, reiterates: “Do you think Andrea is hiding somewhere or do you think someone is hiding her – the lawyer says. Has faith.


In the mystery of Andrea’s disappearance, only Simon Cresty is under investigation. Christie, a kidnapper, has not yet been investigated by attorney Irene Plotta, and instead would have focused on others who knew the facts: Francesco, the owner of the cottage and caravan, and where the party came from. The girl disappeared; Aurora, their acquaintance and Valentino’s boyfriend. Those who know Christie speak of him as a man who “could say anything of his outrage because he could not control himself, but could do no harm”. This is described by a witness. This is reflected in the two violent posts Kresty posted on her two social profiles, eruptions of anger translated into confusing words: one, dated March 4, associated with a toilet “I congratulate you on everything you see inside, one false carrier dangerously ungrateful unhappy and very unfortunate to everyone” … Thankfully I’m dead ».The post ends with the phrase” La revedere pentru totdeauna “, which in Romanian means” goodbye forever “. Later, the edited photo turned out to be a picture of his second profile on March 8: with Andrea’s eyes written on the front and an insulting writing in Armenian on his face.

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A stormy relationship between Christie and Andrea, she reunites with her ex-boyfriend Daniel, who asks her to come and pick her up at a party evening at her cottage – while she is arguing with her boyfriend. Kresty was aware of this “triangle”, at first he was annoyed, but then he resigned. “We argued almost every day – who saw it?” He asked. – But we did not get a black eye. She was like that. “Andrea left Daniel to stay with Kresti, but at the end of November he contacted Daniel again, and he saw Daniel with both of them, and Jessie and Moi parted ways. Kresti knew it. She’s going to be a woman – he said – and now she’s like, unstable, it’s hard to manage her … I’m resigned. ” Does not matter. But I could not believe that anything happened to her.
Meanwhile, another detail appears, “Who saw it?” In front of the cameras Andrea’s father reported: “At 4.20am my daughter called me and she wrote to me that she was in trouble and had some problems”. Andrea sent a message of help to Spain a few hours before leaving the cottage where she spent the evening with her boyfriend Simone Cresti.

Mobile Phones

On the one hand, the analysis of the seized computer equipment, and on the other hand the investigations into Andrea’s last seen Myolati Spondini farm house. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items: In 60 days, he will have to scan at least 5 cell phones seized Wednesday in Christie. Servizi Investigativi srl, appointed by 43-year-old lawyer Emanuel Giuliani, took part in the investigation.