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Andalusia Cycling Race – No. 6: The ultimate success in Uber-Schneller, Torpado Sudtirol ranked second among women

Andalusia Cycling Race – No. 6: The ultimate success in Uber-Schneller, Torpado Sudtirol ranked second among women

After six days of competition, the 2021 edition of the Andalusia Cycle race is today over. The final stage was not particularly demanding, with a height of 48.3 km and 1230 meters, with its beginning and end in the city of Córdoba. A stage that started with a flat section in the Santo Domingo region and then climbed to La Loma de los Escalones, which was covered in the previous stage instead, to reach the highest point of the theater, Arrastraculos. From there the riders head to the semi-urban promenade of Los Villares to descend on Las Conejeras and then take the final kilometers to the end via Los Morales and the beautiful and fun Santo Domingo Trails.

Simon Schneller and Urs Huber achieved the final victory in this 6-day Spanish marathon. The Bulls’ team athletes used the advantage accumulated in the earlier stages to beat the final success ahead of Buff Scott MTB’s Hans Picking and Jose Dias. The third place was taken by fellow winners Martin Fry and Simon Stepjan.

Today’s stage win went to DMT Racing, with Tiago Ferreira and Wout Alleman, who after a week of mechanical trouble climbed to the top of the podium today. The Portuguese and Belgian, who had already shown their intentions to win the stage during climbing Arrastraculos, finished ahead of Hans Becking and José Dias of Buff Scott MTB. In the third place overall ranking winners are Urs Hopper and Simon Schneller.

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Two Italian teams are in the top ten: Torpado Sudtirol is seventh with Peeter Pruus and Riccardo Chiarini and DMT Racing Team 2 is 9th with Andreas Miltiadis and Roberto Ferreira.

Men’s stage classification

  1. DMT Racing Team (Tiago Ferreira – Wout Alleman) 1:59:47
  2. Buff Scott A. (Hans Bicking-Jose Dias) 1:59:47
  3. Bulls Team (Urs Hopper – Simon Schneller) 2:00:58
  4. Behi Lee Coogan (Victor Manuel Fernandez – Evan Diaz Pogue) 2:01:49
  5. Ceska Sporiteina – Accolade 2 (Tomas Visnovsky – Mark Rauchfuss) 2:02:27
  6. Team Bulls 2 (Martin Fry – Simon Stepjan) 2:02:29
  7. Torbado Sudetrol (Peter Bruce – Ricardo Chiarini) 2:02:30
  8. North Wave Canyon MTB A (Christian Heinek – Martin Stozyk) 2:02:58
  9. DMT Racing Team 2 (Andreas Meltdiades – Roberto Ferreira)
  10. Buff Scott B (Jose Maria Sanchez Ruiz-Enrique Morcello Vergara) 2:03:08

It’s an incredible victory for us, and more than that, as it’s the third race as a duo. We never imagined being able to win the overall ranking, and we were trying to beat a public stage and stage, but not such a victory. We are very happy. This is Urs Huber’s comment at the end of the race.

A complete classification of the men’s stage

General classification of men

1 Urs Hopper – Simon Schneller, Bulls Team || 14:57:56
2 Hans Bicking – Jose Dias Buff Scott, MTB || 14:58:27
3 Martin Fry – Simon Stepjan – Team Bulls || 15:02:54

In the women’s field, this last stage was crucial to the ultimate victory. A victory by Janine Schneider and Hedegon Hovdinak, after winning the last stage. In second place is Torpado Sudtirol, with Katazina Susna and Stephanie Dorn, who occupied first place in the overall standings until yesterday, but unfortunately failed to confirm the leader’s shirt in this final stage. The two of the top five finished today, losing all hope of success and thus finishing second in last place, ahead of Irina Lutzelschwab and Jenny Stinghage.

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Woman’s stage classification

  1. German-Norway (Janine Schneider – Hidegunn Hovdenak) 2:31:57
  2. ABRO Knippcycling Schär Gärten 2:35:19
  3. Sportograf-Ornans (Bettina Janas – Estelle Morell) 2:36:04
  4. Orbea Factory Team (Virginia Cancellieri – Ariane Luthi) 2:36:55
  5. Torpado-RDR (Costanza Fasolis – Greta karasiovaite) 2:38:36
  6. Torpado Sudtirol (Stefanie Regina Dohrn – Katazina Sosna) 2:40:54

The complete classification of the stage of women

General ranking of women

1 Janine Schneider – German-Norwegian Heidegon Hovdennak || 19:22:28
2 Katazina Susna – Stephanie Regina Torbado Sudterol || 19:28:49
3 Irena Lutzelchwab & Jenny Steinerhagh Abreu Nipcicling Sher Garten || 19:53:06

Soon racing photos.