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Ancelotti: “Inter from the Scudetto, Juventus will return. The future? Honeymoon in Real Madrid”


Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid coach, speaking into microphones RadioRaiGuest on Radio also Sports. These are the coach’s words from Reggiolo during the morning discussion: “We started with some difficulties, like all of them, but the team has excellent spirit and we managed to straighten out the match with great character.”

Is Inter a team that can win the Scudetto?
“They kept the structure of last year, they changed coaches and some players. He played very well against us, I think he can compete for the Scudetto, I see the Serie A very balanced and Juve have some problems.”

What happened to Juventus?
“It’s a team that has lost faith and is struggling for continuity, and that happens in football. I’m sure he will come back and be among the favorites to win in the end.”

The many youngsters who have been included in the first team, in Italy and abroad: do you finally aim to rejuvenate?
“The economic problems caused by all the companies have led to more investment in young people, who are showing high quality and I think they will not be an exception.”

Yesterday was the first setback for Roma, but Mourinho seems to be the right coach due to the pressures of the capital:
“Mourinho has found a place that fits his character and I’m not saying that from now. I immediately thought it was the right place for him and in the end it will be.”

What went wrong in Naples?
“Two great professional years, but I know very well how it works and I think it ended in the right way. When there is no harmony between the club and the coach, it is right for Napoli to break away from the competition, Napoli will be competitive again this year. I can win I don’t know But I can compete.”

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Spalletti and De Laurentiis have fiery personalities, so will they be able to coexist?
“They are honest people and I think there can be discussions, but in the end we get along pretty well. I got on really well with De Laurentiis and met a great yard.”

Only Roma and Juventus have won in Europe, so why are the Italians struggling so hard?
“English football at the moment is a little ahead of the others, it’s a discourse that they also tell here in Spain. The English teams play at a higher level of intensity than the others.”

Ibrahim Diaz exploded, what’s wrong with the riyal?
“In Madrid he had no room for the question of competition, he is an important player for us and we are happy that he is doing well at Milan. Because of his development it was important to play, he went to Milan not by chance, but because we know the structure of the club and the team”.

Sarri noted that we play a lot, with a very intense schedule, and next year until the World Cup in the middle of autumn. Don’t you think calendars need revision?
“It is a serious problem and the pandemic has complicated it as well, and obviously it has to be reviewed. There are matches that really don’t make sense, which FIFA and UEFA will have to review even if they do not coexist at the moment with love and agreement.”

What do you think of the World Cup every two years?
“Since we’re into it, let’s do it every year! (laughs)”.

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Is there still talk of a Superlega in your area?
“The day I talk about politics will be the day I stop playing football, and I prefer to talk about the pitch.”

Are you still thinking of returning to Italy, have you always dreamed of coaching Roma?
“I hope Roma wins with Mourinho and I hope Milan stays at the top after the comeback. For me here at Real Madrid is like a honeymoon, I hope to stay for a long time.”

Hellas and Cagliari changed coaches and sometimes beat AC Milan and Lazio. What can be changed?
“Changing the coach affects the players’ heads, such a strong decision woke them up. After the numbness they felt, the new ideas of the coaches will now enter.”

Real Madrid easily predicted in the round of 16 of the Champions League: who could be the most reliable opponent?
“I don’t think there will be big surprises, the candidates are always the same and we will see in March.”

At the moment there is a Spanish player being proposed by Iberian football, and will it be announced soon?
“Spanish football has lost two important players, now at this moment there is Vinicius, who is doing very well and fortunately he is playing with us in Madrid.”


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