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An unexpected new digital ground: these channels are gone

An unexpected new digital ground: these channels are gone

Unfortunately, the new digital land seems to be causing a lot of problems for users who are increasingly frustrated with the disappearing channels. And this time she might also have to put your hand in your wallet again

Terrestrial digital broadcasting (Photo: Pixabay)

if you have Appropriate yours Factory For the new incoming signal, by purchasing a new smart TV or device untie Capable of receiving signal with coding mpeg4, Surely you had to incur expenses. And maybe, if these channels aren’t visible and none of the tips we give you work, you’ll have to spend other money.

On all social channels, the discontent among those who find themselves with Black screen On TV is growing exponentially. situation seems to hit Incomplete All regions gradually participate in Turn off.

Digital Earth Where did Rai channels go?

Digital Terrestrial (Adobe Photo)

At first it seemed that the concerns were concentrated local broadcasters who did not risk They have money enough to be able to adapt their transmission facilities. Then we realized that in fact even public televisions, such as channels opinion And the mediaset, They caused problems. However, there are some strategies to try to get the situation back to normal.

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In case you then find yourself with a file untie Who doesn’t seem to want to show you Rai channels anymore, you can try first of all to force the decoder to create one Auto reset of channels. You can then try with one manual tuning from the UHF channel. In different regions of Italy catch From opinion It is broadcasted on different frequencies: For channel 30 for regions Apulia, Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Province of Bolzano, Lombardy, Piedmont; for channel 43 for the regions of Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Campania; on channel 37 for Veneto Emilia-Romagna and Calabria.

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If manual tuning also does not work, we immediately tell you that you need to be ready for it unexpected account: the pilot. In fact, if you are unable to see the Rai channels, there is likely to be a problem with the antenna. If you are lucky, the intervention of the antenna operator will be limited to move the antenna So you can locate the new repeater. However, if your receiver is rather old, in order to continue watching Rai channels on digital ground, you will have to Buy a New antenna. A temporary alternative that you can take advantage of while deciding what to do is to watch Al Rai channels through their channels Electronic portal Rayplay.