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An unemployed person finds a bag worth a thousand euros and returns it to its owner: I dream of an honest job

An unemployed person finds a bag worth a thousand euros and returns it to its owner: I dream of an honest job

He found a bag on the floor with a thousand euros in cash. Mohamed Omran, an unemployed 30-year-old from Florence, took everything to the nearest police station. The bag and money were returned to the owner.

Muhammad Imran, the photo is from Facebook

“I saw a bag on the floor and thought someone had lost it. It had a lot of money in it. I didn’t want to count it, I took my cell phone and searched Google Maps for the nearest police station. I got to the barracks and handed the bag to the customers.” Mohamed Omran, a currently unemployed asylum seeker, recounts this gesture that has become a natural. The man gave the police at least a thousand euros in cash. The young mother, who had lost her bag, was called by the officers to the barracks and managed to get the documents and money back.

Shocked by the gesture, Florence police officers wanted to organize a meeting with the press at the police station with the boy who returned the money. ‘I am glad the lady found her bag,’ said the young man. ‘As soon as I saw it I thought I should return it to the owner, I made no further assessments.’ Imran arrived in Italy in 2018 After a difficult road trip from Pakistan. Before arriving in our country, the 30-year-old had to go through difficult weeks during which he was beaten up by the border police. “In Croatia, agents broke and kidnapped my cell phone,” he said again during a meeting with the press. The young man currently lives in a reception center in Florence of the Cooperative Il Girasole. His asylum application was rejected by the provincial commission because, according to the examinees, he would not be in danger of life in Pakistan. However, the 30-year-old resumed He has now managed to obtain a temporary permit for six months.

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Police officers hope the noble gesture will help him obtain political asylum and a job. In recent months, Imran has continued to study Italian and followed a course to become a forklift driver. He worked for five months at a famous Florentine bakery but, he says, was never paid. He concluded his speech by saying, “In the end, I decided to resign.” Despite the bad experience, he still dreams of finding a job in Italy, always as a baker or warehouse worker.