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An Italian physicist is among the five outstanding scientists according to Nature.  Studying muons and the possibility of new physics

An Italian physicist is among the five outstanding scientists according to Nature. Studying muons and the possibility of new physics

Satisfying Italian scientists after winning the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Baresi They are not finished. There is also the Italian physicist Graziano Finanzoni, among the top five scientists to follow in 2022 because they are advancing Frontier research has the potential to open up entirely new horizons. Venanzoni, who works in the Pisa department inNational Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn), was among the promoters and participating spokespersons for the experiment conducted by the international cooperation “Muon g-2”, which in April 2021 received “the strongest indication of the possibility of new physics”, that is, A phenomenon not anticipated by the current theory of physics reference, Standard form.

Led by the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) and Infn, the collaboration measured properties The magnetic fields of the muons, a particle similar to an electron but about 200 times its mass, is generated in nature when cosmic rays interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. New data is expected in 2022i, which could provide more convincing evidence that the observations made so far are indeed a discovery, and is the first that opens the door to new physics.

Another figure that can be talked about according to nature in 2022 is the Nigerian epidemiologist Shikoi Ikuzu, who was recruited by the World Health Organization (WHO) after their commitment to establish the Center for Disease Control and Control (NCDC) in Nigeria. Today, Ihekweazu is the head of the WHO’s Epidemiological Surveillance Service, and artificial intelligence is among the tools he uses to improve data collection on the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. Astrophysics Jane Rigby, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, will have a lot to do in 2022 as chief scientific officer of the Space Telescope. James Webb, Hubble’s successor is designed to take pictures of the first galaxies born after the Big Bang, thanks to cutting-edge technology provided by Italy with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF). genetics I love dalene, from the Swedish Museum of Natural History, has opened a new path by obtaining the oldest DNA sequence ever analyzed, which belongs to the mammoth lived 1.65 million years ago; It is now preparing for new investigations, the results of which could arrive in 2022. Finally, there are also high expectations from Chinese politician Xie Zhenhua, China’s delegate to COP26 who in 2022 may also be among the heroes of the debate on measures to tackle climate change.

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