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An inspector earns 3.5 euros an hour, a president gets 4.5: half the minimum wage.  This is why there is no competition for seeds

An inspector earns 3.5 euros an hour, a president gets 4.5: half the minimum wage. This is why there is no competition for seeds

With the lack of inspectors ringing alarm bells in various municipalities, a question is beginning to arise: Why are so many leaving? Where are the young and unemployed, who – in theory – should be more willing to do an activity that guarantees a small income? Well, maybe the answer lies squarely within the question: surveyors (and poll leaders) are paid very little. As per the provisions of circular no. 34/2024, which restructured the compensation of volunteers managing voting operations after recent regulatory changes (which led to a small increase in compensation), leading monitors and secretaries at polling stations that only vote for European elections. Around 110 euros for the house, the presidents reach 138 euros. Reduced amounts for so-called “special seats” (e.g. hospitals, prisons), around 56 euros for pollsters and 82 euros for presidents, and increases for seats linked to European elections administrative consultations (shoot 15 % increase and, in the best cases, a small additional compensation). .

Calculation of compensation

These fees are net, but 3-4 working days (from preparing the polling station to counting) and flat-rate (regardless of duration, they do not change). If we try to assume that on Saturdays we work from morning (polling station opens at 3pm, but everything has to be prepared) to 11pm, and on Sundays from 7am (polling station opens) to 11pm, plus hours. To complete the ballot, we can assume that a poll leader or scrutinizer will not work less than 30 hours (even if the threshold is often exceeded). If you try to calculate what hourly compensation is in ordinary cases, the result is disarming; A president earns about 4.5 euros an hour, and an inspector just 3.5 euros. This is only a theoretical exercise because, as mentioned, the compensation is a flat rate (regardless of the duration of the activity), and there are different tax regimes. One could certainly object that it would be wrong to underestimate the civic value of this type of activity.

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Less than minimum wage

If you look at the countless legal proposals on the “minimum wage” weak objections are involved in fixing the minimum wage for any work activity at 9 or 10 per hour or if you keep in mind the long or now integrated Cassation Judiciary which has allowed the violation of Art. 36 of the Constitution through collective agreements authorizing a gross wage of 6/7 euros per hour. An analyst is paid less than the thresholds that politics and the judiciary have identified as insurmountable limits to the dignity of work (this distance is partially restored with more favorable taxation, but we are) . It is true that researcher is not a job in the strict sense: it is a form of participation in a democratic process of the highest educational value. But this value must be recognized by the state in concrete terms for those who cooperate with companies – including the economy.

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