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“An idea”, an unexpected stop? – Free daily


“It’s not a link.” He swears Antonio Tajani, He keeps coming back for days Matteo Salvini. But with the “center-right coalition” in parliament League, Come to Italy e Courage Italy, Progressing quickly, may come to a halt early next week. Therefore, before the desired “end of the month” Matteo Salvini. Blue leader Silvio Berlusconi, Who has been on the field since the last few months of health problems, reaffirmed his support by calling his colleague back to his co-league. This idea convinces him that, according to the most serious background, in Cave’s mind, there would be even a real fusion of style P.D.L. (“A party? Maybe”, he would have told some believers, a little insecure). The truth, however, is that the biggest protests have come precisely from his party, which will join the league as a minority, and elections will take place by hand, so that it will emerge as electively strong but politically weak.

The Federation proposal is not too harsh Mara Carbagna e Mariastella GelminiIt is no coincidence that they are the two “farthest” exponents of the Forceist galaxy: the first leader of the “southern” division, the second poppy of the “northerners”, but sharing the same concerns. During the first meeting of party leaders via Zoom, Berlusconi was surprised by the widespread dissatisfaction he expected. “He could not have imagined – he says Republic – That displaced All e Brugnaro. “.

Probably for this reason, Maricio explains the background of the newspaper directed by Molinari, “The policeman, annoyed by Salvini’s acceleration, picks up the phone and dials Mara Carbagna’s number”. The former prime minister would have asked her to “recommend a commitment to all,” which is the federation’s Just Anedia In which we will reflect. “A half-break, in short, is yet to be decided. Or a serious attempt to take the time and confront the most rebellious, relying on the good of the project.

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