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An early 2023 event more like a Nintendo Direct than an “E3 Show,” for Jez Corden –

An early 2023 event more like a Nintendo Direct than an “E3 Show,” for Jez Corden –

According to Jez Corden, a well-known journalist on Windows Central, the alleged Xbox event planned by microsoft for i The first months of 2023 It may not be as big and chunky as the “E3 showcase” but more Similar to Nintendo Directmore contain known appointments.

The journalist suggested this in response to a comment on Twitter, where he stated that while he didn’t know for sure the actual size of the Xbox event, he expected a show structurally similar to Nintendo Direct and that people on the network had a lot of high expectations. And this, mind you, is not necessarily a bad thing: the big N used to show us that on average it lasted between 20 and 40 minutes, but since then Fast paced and full of ads and trailers.

In short, for now, take everything as indiscretion and simple speculation, especially since Corden isn’t 100% sure. After all, it’s the same A few weeks ago he talked about an event organized like “X0” in the past yearsso definitely greater than “live”.

Moreover, wanting to be picky, Microsoft hasn’t even announced anything about the Xbox event in Q1 2023, even if we think it’s a very likely hypothesis and not just because of the many rumors in the past few weeks.

In fact, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg himself announced at the end of 2022 that gamers won’t have to wait long to find out what Xbox has in store for 2023, which he described as an incredibly exciting year. In the coming months, Redmond Colossus will have to outline the Xbox lineup for 2023 and beyond, for example revealing Starfield and Redfall release dates and introducing new projects in the short and long term through first-party studies.

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