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An "army" of 800 immigrants targets Italy.  Lampedusa is collapsing

An “army” of 800 immigrants targets Italy. Lampedusa is collapsing

It’s late December and it’s never happened to him landing In this period it was very severe. Not even adverse marine weather conditions now prevent leaving the African coasts. I’m almost done now 800 immigrants, specifically the 788, on board the NGO ships pressing the Italian border to land in Italy. They claim safe haven in our country, spending days and days off the Italian coast instead of heading to other European countries, only to land in Italy. Meanwhile, the Lampedusa hot spot is collapsing again due to independent landing in the past few hours.

All this on the day the investigative judge accepted the request to archive a position Carola Rackete On the decision taken by the commander in July 2019 to enter Italian territorial waters despite the entry ban stipulated in the security decree signed by then-Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

Thus the NGOs, based on the strength of the sentences which, in effect, make their assumption a waste of paper defending borders, we continue to pressure our institutions to disembark immigrants. In the past few hours, MSF staff rescued 76 migrants from a rubber dinghy, including children. There are now 458 people waiting to land on Geo barents. There are another 216 migrants on the Sea-eye4 ship and an additional 114 migrants on the Ocean Viking at Sos Mediterranee.

Meanwhile, in the last 20 hours, a Lampedusa 340 people arrived with independent landing, of which 119 made landfall on three small boats at night. The first small boat was intercepted by the Malian police five miles off the coast of Lampedusa and was made up of migrants from Sudan, Somalia and Guinea. A second boat was blocked by Malian police 36 miles from the island with people on board from Senegal, Sudan, Mali, Ethiopia, Egypt, Gambia, Libya and Algeria. The third boat carried 54 migrants from Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia and Algeria. Before the three landings, four more small boats arrived on the island with more than 200 people on board from Bangladesh, Egypt and Cameroon. The hot area in the Impriacola region, which can accommodate a maximum of 250 people, now hosts 340 people and in such a cold period the inconveniences are even more.

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