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Amici 22, Tommaso Stanzani reveals which dancer he’s rooting for

Thomas Stanzanidancer Friends 21in the Bulli Stop-Christmas show, held at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, in Rome.

Here, the former face of Friends of Maria de Felipewho gives Break up with your ex Givino Tommaso Zorzi Keep a special eye out on social networksHe talked about his experience in the midst of media gossip.

when i got out of friends I was very popular with the public. I didn’t understand what happened but then something changed. I started getting harsh criticism that not only affected me but also my family. This is why I decided to stay away from social media. I realized that this is not real life and because I am a very sensitive person, some words hurt me.

Until now, the dancer said to laugh at it, along with Martina Meledy, with whom he shared the same experience. “She also received unwarranted insults, considering her an observant girlHe confirmed.

About who he prefers among the contestants Friends 22And the stanzani open:

I don’t follow the case much due to various commitments. to me friends I can only root for Madeline Swabians this is my little sister. Regardless of the results, I’ve seen them change on a human and artistic level. I hope he stays inside as long as possible because he deserves it.

Thomas He finally clarified that he is currently only focusing on his career. He said that he is very satisfied with the results obtained this year, hoping that in 2023 he will be able to do more.

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