Saturday, July 20, 2024

America, Biden and Obama’s Attack on Trump: “Bleeding? Outrageous”


US President Joe Biden launched another scathing attack on his predecessor Donald Trump during a fund-raising event attended by former President Barack Obama. Biden, who will face Trump again in November’s election, has issued ominous warnings to American voters about the possibility of the former president returning to the White House. “Institutions matter. Look at what (Trump) did on Jan. 6,” Biden said, referring to the former president’s supporters storming Congress in early 2021. “Now to say it’s going to be bloody if he’s not reelected is outrageous.” Biden also attacked the Supreme Court, citing controversies involving the court’s two conservative justices, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. “The Supreme Court has never been the same as it is today,” the White House resident said.

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Obama, for his part, has portrayed the next presidential election as a choice between democracy and dictatorship. “In this election we should not vote for one or only against one. We have someone to worry about. We have a whole agenda to worry about. But at least we can be proud of the extraordinary work done by Joe,” the former president said. Last but not least, First Lady Jill Biden also lashed out at Trump, saying the Republican nominee “told us over and over again why he wants the White House. Giving him absolute power and not having to answer for his crimes.” Yesterday’s event – highlighted by the US media – resulted in more than $30 million in donations to Biden’s presidential campaign.

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