Saturday, July 20, 2024

Amazfit smartwatches now have GPT-4o


OpenAI’s new GPT-4o language model comes with multiple languages Amazfit smart watch Thanks to the next update of Zip OS 4 Which promotes a more natural, precise and simple interaction between the user and the wearable device. The novelty is immediately available in English and German. Italian language will be supported at the end of July.The goal is to make it easier and faster to use some of the standard features of the smartwatch, and also to open them up to it. Third party apps like WhatsAppthough the partnership with OpenAI and support for its latest language model might lead one to believe that it can interact with the watch just like the chatbot chatGPT. Here’s what you can actually do (and what you can’t) with compatible Amazfit watches once you download the update.

How GPT-4o Works on Amazfit Smartwatches

GPT-4o reads and instantly thinks of hyper-realistic AI-powered voice chatbots, with the ability to speak in an engaging and emotional way like real people. Okay, that should be explained. Zepp OS 4 won’t host a stylish entity on smartwatches Habut it will leverage the capabilities of OpenAI’s language model to extend the capabilities of its existing voice command technology (Zepp Flow). Basically, you won’t be able to start conversations or ask questions from the watch as you can with Meta’s smart glasses or with the new AirGo Vision with Gemini and ChatGPT. Instead, it will be possible to give commands to the smartwatch in a more natural and simplified way, for example by launching standard apps without touching the watch’s touchscreen but also without having to resort to strict activation commands.

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For example, you may request information about data. Continuous sports training monitoringYou can ask What will the weather be like tomorrow?They can Turn notifications on or off Received from the connected smartphone or Modify some system parametersYou simply speak and the smartwatch understands your requests though. It is spoken in colloquial and less formal terms.Thanks to GPT-4o.

In addition, voice commands will also extend to some third-party apps: for example: Reply with your voice to received WhatsApp messages (For now only on Android, while iOS support will arrive later) or manage music playback on connected Sonos speakers, request data from cycle computers and Start a phone call via Bluetooth.

These are the features that They don’t turn the smartwatch into an all-knowing personal assistant.but it can still be very useful while running or cycling, or when you’re at work and don’t have the time or opportunity to use your smartphone.

Smartwatches Compatible with Zepp OS 4

The Zepp OS 4 update with GPT-4o support will initially be available in English and German, while Italian will arrive alongside French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese at the end of July. Smartwatches are compatible immediately Amazfit Balance and Amazfit ActiveWhile the update is scheduled for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, Falcon and Cheetah at the end of 2024.


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