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Amarcord Capello: "Spal, good luck" - Sports

Amarcord Capello: “Spal, good luck” – Sports

Strong feelings and thunderous applause for Fabio Capello (pictured with Joe Tacobina and Council member Maggie), who yesterday recalled his extraordinary run at the Teatro Novo. After all, Ferrara is the city that changed his life, and not only from a sporting point of view. Ferrara had given me so much – he recalls -, starting with my meeting with my wife. She attended the Surveyors Institute, when she was the investigating judge. We met on the bus, but months passed before we spoke to each other. Later. We got engaged, and now we’ve been married for 53 years. When I got to Here to play with Spal, I was 15 and two years later I made my first division debut against Sampdoria. In blue and white I had two great masters, Bagnoli and Massei. A little boy and they taught me a lot, especially Oscar, a superior player.

The save I scored in Venice was one of the most beautiful and important goals of my career. Gibby Fabri? Together with Herrera and Lidholm he is the coach from whom I have learned the most, a great football expert who has made all his players improve.”

The former great shoulder pad continues to follow the team that propelled him into great football, and who clench their fingers ahead of the game against Frosinone. “I wish Spal good luck in this very important match – he continues -. During the tournament the Biancazzori was not so lucky, but doing things well, I’m sure a positive result will come. President Takupina? A long and difficult road, next. All, reaching ambitious goals Certain it’s not easy. And I know something about that…it seems clear to me that he has a great passion, and that’s an excellent starting point.”

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By the way, Joe just got back from the States, but he didn’t want to miss the event dedicated to Capello: “A few hours ago I was in New York – he explains -, but I wanted to be there at all costs to introduce the new SPAL coach! Seriously, Fabio is a blue and white flag I am glad he told his story in front of our sponsors. Among other things, several years ago we spent a lot of time together in Turin, where I attended as a Fiat lawyer in the United States.”

Returning to this afternoon’s match in Mezzeh, General Manager Ghazzoli confirmed that the attendance in Mezzeh has already exceeded 7 thousand. The frenzied wait increased due to the preparations of the West Curva Ferrara group: “It must be pandemonium – reads the statement from the ultras -. When the team goes to the field we will open the curve cap flag, so we invite you to enter in time and follow the indications that the boys will give you on the railing. We also invite you To bring a flag from home, because in addition to the roar we want an explosion of color and folklore. Frosinone has always dined lavishly in our house, it is time to get rid of him.”

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