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Alternatives Professorships may be assigned on August 31, 2021 and June 30. To whom they go


Provincial rating (GPS), which is not recommended by rankings up to exhaustion (GaE), can be competed to offer new positions if further available, through a computerized process: Conditions. You may omit an alternative provided by the Institute’s rankings.

Alternatives 2021/22

Candidates enrolled in GaE and GPS submitted an application through online events between August 10 and 21, 2021, to participate in the Allocation of Persons with Disabilities on 30/06 and 31/08.

With the same application, applicants included in the first band GPS and additional lists were able to participate (if required) in the provision of annual tasks aimed at the role, referred to in Article 59, paragraph 4, legal order no. 73/2021 (Support-Biz Order, changed to Law No. 106/2021).

The On June 30 and August 31, a computerized procedure for the allocation of persons with disabilities was launched, Though not in all provinces.

GaE and GPS discount or scrolling for new availability: who can get the alternative?

Upon completion of the appointment of transferees on 31/08 and 30/06, the relevant seats and / or chairs will always be allocated by GaE and GPS in the event of a waiver or subsequent availability as per the above computerized procedure. Scrolling of these rankings is, in fact, possible until December 31 if they are not exhausted (As stated in one of our “Question Hours” by Anif trade unionist Sierra Cossetto) In this case (i.e. in case of fatigue), the seats / chairs will be returned to the schools and the school administrators will allocate them by scrolling the relevant school rankings.

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As candidates, they can get new vacancies or replacements for vacancies / professorships.?

If available, authors only:

  • Have submitted an application by 21 August 2021;
  • Not covered by appointments, i.e. those teachers did not reach the level they occupied in the rankings.

Teachers, on the other hand, cannot run to new features:

  • not that Have submitted an application by 21 August 2021;
  • For those who do not receive an alternative location, despite being in a useful position, they do not disclose the location of certain locations (failure to disclose one or more locations is actually considered a denial of that / and location) s – Circular Number. See 25089/2021).

Replace GaE or GPS with GI

In the meantime, teachers can be contacted for temporary replacements offered by school managers through scrolling of school rankings (twenty schools in the application submitted by August 6, 2020).

In the event of a new availability on August 31 or June 30 (if available or new locations are available, as mentioned above) teachers who may be engaged in short and temporary alternatives may accept these alternatives from GaE and GPS.?

The answer required for art is definite. 14, paragraph 2, OMN. 60/2020, taken from Circular. 25089/2021:

Employees with disabilities provided on the basis of school rankings, however, have the right to opt out of this alternative in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 4, letters a) and b.

From the text above, it is clear that even on 30/06 or 31/8 to accept alternatives to GaE and GPS, all transferees provided by the school rankings may be omitted from GI from 31 August, if GaE and GPS are exhausted).

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Om 60/2021

Note for Alternatives 2021/22