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Oroscopo Paolo Fox oggi lunedì 14 February

Also the face of soap operas in the cast

Also this year, in the fall, Tale and Quali Show will return. For weeks now, rumors have been haunting potential new competitors for the famous talent dedicated to imitating pop stars, but in the past few hours a well-known name of an international actor has been at the center of rumors regarding his possible existence. Participation in the program conducted by Carlo Conte.

In the fall, early evening Ray Ono will be back like that which appearsone of the main programs on Friday for the main network.

For several weeks there have been numerous rumors regarding collectibles Upcoming competitorsand there is talk of different participation hypotheses between the previous competitors of Big Brother Vip 6.

Not only that, these days by Nuovo Weekly, another big name has been announced for the list of contenders, this time coming from the world of international series.

Who is the beautiful new contender for the story and what show?

The news was released by Nuovo Weekly, which recently announced the ongoing negotiations between them like that which appears And the rune mossa very popular actor thanks to the role ridge In the American TV series beautiful.

The actor, again according to Nuovo, has been auditioning for the past few days, and Charles accountsconductor like that which appears And a great friend of rune mossAt any cost, he would decide to put him on the shortlist of celebrity talent contestants.

Ron Moss: His Relationship to Italy

the actor Ron Moss He is very attached to Italy, where he moved recently Apuliain a dorm, where he likes to spend his time and meets many Italian celebrities whom she befriends above all linen Banfiwith whom he starred in a movie that was released in recent days, surprise trip.

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Not only that, if the negotiation like that which appearswould not be the actor’s first participation in an Italian show: in 2010 he was actually among the competitors Dancing with the StarsAnd in 2021 he participated in it star in star.

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