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Allegri sends Juventus to retreat and holds on to Dybala


The start of the tournament forgets Juventus, who was also defeated yesterday in progress against Verona.

It is a severe crisis in Juventus After the new collapse against Verona Who follows the inner knockout of the week with Sassuolo. The ‘old lady’ is now cut off from the Scudetto’s first race and risks losing the train to fourth place, Juventus’s minimum goal at the start of the season.

Paulo Dybala © Getty Images

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Back to the bench Massimiliano Allegri So far it has not produced the desired results, with the Livorno coach not yet able to give a very precise identity on the pitch to his team. A team without personality, character and ideas, away from Juventus impressed Allegri for the first five years. “Max 2.0” is currently a bankruptcy project and an immediate refund is urgently needed in order not to aggravate the situation that was compromised anyway in the tournament.

Not Allegri’s Juventus: There is a Champions League to restart and turn the page

Verona Juventus, Allegri resigns: they want Conte back
Massimiliano Allegri © Getty Images

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The same cheerful Yesterday at the press conference after Verona opened the possibility of withdrawing, and confirmed this morning: an armored group from Monday to Saturday (the day of the match with Fiorentina) inside walls Kontasa. Every two days before the match against Zenit in a Champions League, The competition so far as Juventus has not disappointed with three wins in the most number of matches. The Livorno coach wants to regroup the environment and arrange the ranks, calling on everyone to take on their responsibilities. A potential victory over the Russians, by archive qualifying for the Round of 16 early, would be the right way to turn the page immediately.

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Allegri will definitely change something compared to a negative Pentegodi test: it will come back Locatelli In the median from the first minute with makini Who is the nominee for the starting shirt after the high notes Sassuolo NS Verona. To evaluate the terms a church NS de yacht, While from the start there could also be room for Bernardeschi. in the attack with Cayo Jorge Off the list of heroes e ken After bruising, Allegri will re-propose the couple he formed Dybala NS morata, Despite the difficult period that the Spanish striker went through. However, it wasn’t disappointing in recent versions Number ten, the only one who believed it until the end on the pitch and played the accusation – like a real captain – after the defeat in Verona. Juventus, Allegri and Juventus fans cling to the talent and charm of Goya.


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