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Belen Rodriguez torna a Tu Si Que Vales: tutti sconvolti per il suo…

All shocked…

Belen Rodriguez surprised her fans yesterday by showing herself in the dressing room at Tu Si Que Vales. In the first recording of Canale 5, the beautiful Argentine showgirl chose a costume that left everyone speechless…

Belen Rodriguez Recently a patent was grantedAnd a romantic getaway with Stefano Di Martino. He found the two there‘harmony From time it seems more Lovers More than ever… After months of privacy, in fact, the couple also shared the first two shots together That made fans dream!

After this wonderful weekend, Belen is back in the millennium links From work, And as the first thing on the agenda, the girl headed to Rome to record the first episode of You yes Q JM.

In fact, the beautiful Mrs. Rodriguez appeared yesterday Changing Room, And on social media, he showed fans the chosen look of for the first time of the show!

Belen Rodriguez screams: Ze To So Kui Vallis

Belen Rodriguez returns to Tu Si Que Vales: Shocked Her All & # 8230;

The 2002/2023 TV season is about to start, and several shows that will return in September have already started. In particular it seems that yesterday the first episode From You yes Q JM.

belin As usual, she appeared on Instagram first in the dressing room and soon after she posted a short video of the chosen outfit for the first episode of the show. Channel 5.

Beautiful Argentina for the first time You yes Q JM choose one suits Long green, with one split Dizzy with his back exposed. Showgirl made a thumbnail procession She walks out of the dressing room where she shows herself alone magnificence.

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After recovering from Covid, Beilin is back at work and looks more charged than ever next time TV season!

We are about to start the new edition of Tu Sì Que Vales. Ready… I made a cute Covid that’s why I’m gone. But I am healthy. It was heavy. I have to say I handled it really badly. That’s why I disappeared from Instagram for a few days. They didn’t write any of the nonsense they did, as usual, but, well, who cares.

So we just have to wait and see…