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All of Germany from the red zone 40 thousand injuries in one day! Status »


Covid: All of Germany is from the red zone, 40,000 injuries in one day! the situation

All of Germany is in the redThe Germany overwhelmed by the fourth wave of COVID It is now a full red zone country. This is the picture that emerges from the analysis of the epidemiological situation in the past few hours. Almost the latest official bulletin reports 40,000 cases, 39,676 to be exact, with 236 victims. This was reported on Robert Koch Institute.

Just seven days ago, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the cases were 20,676. The weekly infection rate per 100,000 people is A word 232.1, the third consecutive record in three days (a week ago it was 146.6). The Virologist Drosten He fears that if no action is taken, there will be 100,000 more dead. Discussions about the alarm raised by the virologist in charlet de perlino christian drosten, According to the country ‘In a real emergency’ It will be necessary “Reduce contacts again”.
The proportion of people vaccinated in Germany is not enough to counter the momentum of COVID infection. “If we had 10-15% more vaccinations, the rate of infection would be lower.” And data from Spain, Portugal and Italy prove it.” say Spokesperson for Angela Merkel, Stephen Seibert, to answer the question about why the fourth wave is infected with Germany.

In particular, due to increased inflammation, NSIn Bavaria, it returns to declare a state of emergency
“Starting from 11 November due to the worrying situation of the COVID-19 pandemic”This was announced by the Bavarian Chancellery in Munich.
The last time an emergency Advertise in Bavaria Last december 2020 hung on 4th june. An emergency declaration allows for a coordinated way to proceed in the event of a disaster between authorities and services.

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