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All Android phones are at risk of attack, except for these


A serious security vulnerability affects most of the popular Android smartphones and it will take some time to fix it.

It has been classified with the code. CV-2024-32896 And I give a The risk index is very high (8.1/10)It affects most Android phones, and unfortunately, there is no solution for it currently.

We are talking here about the latest security vulnerability in Google’s smartphone operating system, which is A Serious security error Which could allow hackers to take control of phones remotely. Furthermore, according to Google, “There is evidence that CVE-2024-32896 may be subject to limited, targeted exploitation.

What phones are at risk?

Vulnerability management CV-2024-32896 It wasn’t exactly the best thing on Google’s part, because the Mountain View giant initially thought the bug only affected its Pixel smartphones. That’s why, in April, it actually updated them with a new one. Specific security fix Reserved for its models.

but after that, Samsung He discovered that the disorder affected his parents as well. Galaxy And here it appeared All Android Phones They need to be updated. But The update is not there yet.Because Google is the only one who has published the specific software for its phones, which cannot be installed on other phones automatically.

This is due to the fact that a joint update is not enough to solve the error, but a Firmware update Phone, any kind of update can only be written by the person who produced that model.

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Furthermore, very little is known about this bug and this happens especially when the bug is very serious. In April, when Google released the update to fix the issue, there were patches for three more serious bugs in the package. In the explanation accompanying the update, Google stated that these four bugs are “Actively used by companies forensic analysis

Which of the companies They look inside the phones. of suspects, and searching for evidence. Hence the hypothesis that most likely through the CVE-2024-32896 bug it is possible Spying on usersEven from a distance.

What users should do

Who has a phone? Google Pixel He’s lucky: he’s been safe since April and can’t be attacked. All others However, Android smartphone owners are potentially at risk.

Google is working on publishing one. General Security Correction For all non-Pixel phones, which will then be listed by each manufacturer individually in a file. Specific update Every phone model in its lineup is still receiving security updates.

It will take some time.Unfortunately, in the meantime, smartphones remain vulnerable to attack. Fortunately, according to Google, executing an attack using CVE-2024-32896 is not a task for everyone: only an experienced hacker has the skills to do so.

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