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“Aliens kidnapped him 52 times, my bruises prove it” – Libero Quotidiano

“Aliens kidnapped him 52 times, my bruises prove it” – Libero Quotidiano

Aliens kidnapped him 52 times“A woman from Bradford, Yorkshire in Great Britain, said in an interview Mirror His paranormal experiences. “It just happens. All I can do is continue as normal or I will go crazy,” he said. Some of the bruises were caused, he said, during extraterrestrial confrontations. The lady that is called Paula Smith At the age of 50, she revealed that she had been in contact with aliens for the first time when she was just a little girl. Then the experiment was repeated more than 50 times.

To make his story credible even to the most skeptical, The woman painted a silver silver portrait He also claimed that he was inside a UFO. There the aliens will show her their technology unknown to humans: “They showed me a display of pure landscapes whose river was beautiful and then turned black. The blue sky turned red and I soon realized that it was a film of earth destroyed by human greedAfter that incident, Paula said she came home with a triangular bruise on her face and fingerprint marks on her arm.

Speaking of her “first time”, the woman said: “It was 1982, I was in the woods and it was completely silent. The road narrowed and I felt my heart beat so fast. I remember looking at the darkness as my eyes got used to it. I could see what the boom looked like with an extra arm on it each arm had a light at the end. I remember three lights, one blue and one green, but I can’t remember the color of the other light. I can better describe it as a jet propeller blade. It was about 30 feet long and 30 feet wide. And again: “I remember trying to run but it looked like the ground was made of quicksand, and then everything turned black. According to my family, I was missing out for four hours, but I don’t remember what really happened. Since then, the experiments have not stopped. I was taken away from my bedroom window and from my bed. “

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