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Alfa Romeo will not become an “SUV brand”

Alfa Romeo will not become an “SUV brand”

Positive year – it seems that 2023 It will end with Excellent results toAlfa RomeoSo much so that CEO Jean-Philippe Bernedetto expects an operating margin of hundreds of millions of euros, he told the magazine. Car News. In 2023 Alfa will deliver 70-80,000 cars At the global level, this is approximately 30% more than what was achieved in 2021 and 2022. It appears that 60% of it is made up of new ones tonalwhich according to Learned “provides a level Profitability That Alfa needs.” As of October, the Tonale recorded 27,928 deliveries, while the Stelvio stood at 10,320 units and the Giulia at 4,322 units.

> Milano SUVs, Tonale, Stelvio, E-Class: this is the heart of the Alfa Romeo range in 2027. Alongside these SUVs, there will also be a place for a classic sedan, the new Giulia, for which we wanted to make a suggestion in the sketches above.

The future is electric – Next year, the Tonale, which along with the Giulia and Stelvio is one of three models in the current Alfa Romeo range, will join the Milan, a crossover vehicle about 420 cm long that will be the manufacturer’s last new model to be offered with a combustion or electric engine. In fact since then 2025 It will launch only new pure electric models: new first Stelvio And then in 2026 heir Julia (both will continue to be called that), as work to upgrade the Cassino plant has already begun. Alfa Romeo will then conclude sales of combustion cars in 2027the year in which a new one will be introduced Large electric SUVWhich will become the leading brand and competitor to BMW

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> Above is the Tonale which contributes significantly to Alfa Romeo’s return to profit.

Not just SUVs -If Alfa Romeo’s future looks increasingly production oriented SUV e-Cross, the CEO ruled out that these would become the only body types on offer. to’Alfa Romeo Giulia Subordinate 2026 (In the drawings above (The style hypotheses we created) will actually still be a traditional sedan, “even though the segment is struggling,” Learned declared. “I firmly believe that when we talk about electrification, we talk about aerodynamics, and when we talk about aerodynamics, we talk about sedans. This type of bodywork will return. “We don’t want to become an SUV brand, even if the world is going in that direction.” Like the upcoming Stelvio, the new electric Giulia will use Stellantis’ large STLA platform and will have powers starting at around 350 hp and reaching around 1,000 hp in Quadrifoglio versions.