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Alexithymia: An increasingly prevalent disease that dampens personality

Alexithymia: An increasingly prevalent disease that dampens personality

There is a very particular and disabling disease that affects aspects of our personality. It is about alexithymia. what is he talking about.

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a illness Cunning and devious, he is not well known, but he can be formidable its implications for daily life, precisely because of its properties. Let’s talk about alexithymia, a condition that was recently investigated by one study Written by researchers Annunziata Romeo and Agata Benfant (ReMind the Body) from the University of Turin.

The two scientists examined a sample mainly of men between the ages of 35 and 47, affected Immunity deficiency VirusThey indicated that between 10 and 25% of them had this disease, related to the severity of the disease and the work of antiretroviral therapy.

alexythymiaIn fact, it can affect everyone, but it is especially understood that it occurs more frequently in HIV-positive individuals. Unfortunately, it also tends to happen negative effects on treatmentIt is less effective. But what are the characteristics of this disorder, and how severely can it affect a person?

Alexithymia: what is it and what are its consequences for humans

Not to be confused with apathy, alexithymia is a life-threatening condition The ability to describe and understand Their own emotional states, feelings. Often, people affected by it not only have impaired sensations and emotional states, but in more serious cases they are unable to feel emotions at all.

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The person with the disease has a hard time Describe your feelings in words, and failing to externalize it, let alone talk about it. It is also likely that the individual will suffer from psychological and even physical problems.

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Moreover, the disorder should not be confused with ataraxiawhich instead refers to someone who is not disturbed or involved in emotions, and feels detached from them.

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