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Alert, WhatsApp offers a limited number of backups on Google Drive

Alert, WhatsApp offers a limited number of backups on Google Drive

Very often and with pleasure on these pages we bring you interesting news regarding WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world.

With more than two billion users, in fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s app is the most popular in the world, so everything related to the news about it gets a lot of attention. Well, a new one can make many turn their noses up, and this is especially so WhatsApp chat backups. Even today, those who use the application on the operating system Androiddoes not see backups of himself calculated in the storage quota google drive, In light of an agreement made years ago between the giant Mountain View company itself and the multi-platform instant messaging service.

WhatsApp, 31/1/2022 -
WhatsApp, 31/1/2022 –


As a result, anyone can store data without even thinking about it, “throwing” everything further into the cloud. Among other things, it is a privilege iOS users, so those with an iPhone can’t exploit it, as you can’t store unlimited data on iCloud (although something about this may change in the future). Well, after this necessary premise, we sell to the point, any news regarding WhatsApp with Android: the developer team will work on a feature It will allow users to manage chats while backing up to Google Drive, Thus excluding certain types of messages, to save space on Gdrive itself.

It seems that this news, even if it is unofficial, specifically indicates the possibility of Mountain View doing this STOP OFFERING UNLIMITED BACKUP FOR FREE From WhatsApp chats, and some sort of confirmation, writes, it actually arrived in the last few hours. The guys from WABetaInfo have already selected Effects of notifications When your Google Drive runs out of space, changes made to your backups and information about when those changes will take effect. In short, everything points to the fact that in the short term it will be necessary to put an end to the online archives of the popular message chat. In any case, Google will continue to provide services to users A share of your space is completely free, But it will not be as it is used to this day. In any case, we always talk about indiscretion and expectations, so nothing is official or confirmed yet, and it cannot be ruled out that this mod will never see the light of day. We’ll see in the coming weeks if the information comes to that sense or not.

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