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Alberto De Pesis murmurs it in Antonino’s ear: the regulation has been broken


a house Big Brother VIP Stock up on many surprises, because the twists and turns are always around the corner. Because of this, viewers can’t stay away from the small screen.

In the past few hours, for example, cameras have filmed competitors having a conversation in the park. Nothing strange, but the situation has precipitated to the point Production can interfere. Here’s what happened.

Antonino and Alberto –

In last night’s episode, it all happened: from Clash Antonella Fiordellisi And the Sonya Broganelli Then to get to the elimination Pamela Brati. Antonella has been the center of attention for weeks due to her volatile relationship with her Eduardo Donamaria. Once you understand it Micol Encorvia Not dangerous, the husband had to deal with it Gianluca Benincasa. The latter entered the house to declare love to the former seductress Temptation Island. Since then, suspicions have been growing about her loyalty and it appears that she has been confirmed by the former Francesco Schiofalo.

and then Gael de Donna She was heavily criticized for not being accountable to her husband by showing jealousy towards him Antonino Spinalbis who is approaching Oriana Marzoli. In fact, in the middle of the night they were kissing. ex who Belin Rodriguez Become the protagonist with Albert Debesis from an unpleasant episode It could have consequences. Let’s find out what they were up to.

A statement that violates the rules

on me Instagramon your profile page Mondodelreality, a video was released in which Alberto tells things in Antonino’s ear. He had violated the regulation Report Oriana’s favourites. In fact, this post’s comment confirms: Orellana seems to have told Antonino about the ranking of the candidates abroad: Nikita is first and Antonella second.

According to social users, the woman was definitely wrong in saying that because she didn’t respect the rules, just as the boys did. for this reason Disciplinary action is expected Because they did not hesitate to go against the plan.

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Nominations time

At the moment of nomination Antonino Nikita was nominated Because he said that he no longer had relations with her.

Oriana, Alberto and Antonino -
Oriana, Alberto and Antonino – Instagram Source –

Meanwhile, Antonella said that she does not like the words Sonia is used towards her. Bruganelli packed the asphalt again By saying that it is not for her to make judgments about her role as a critical analyst.


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