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Albanian PM Vacini: "We smuggled with Di Maio without Beiser's knowledge"

Albanian PM Vacini: “We smuggled with Di Maio without Beiser’s knowledge”

with Luigi Di Maio By “we did a smuggling operation together”. Anticovid vaccines: These are the surprising words used by the Prime Minister of Albania, Eddie Rama, also spoke in front of the President of Barnesina at the ‘Culture Saves the World’ event in Bergamo today. “Today I will tell you something that no one knows,” began Rama. “If I am an Albanian-Italian, Di Maio is a Neapolitan-Albanian, we have done a smuggling operation together. If you always comply with the law, what are you Italian or Albanian?”.

During the period when Covid hit Albania hard, Rama said, “We had no vaccines and the pressure was very high. People were afraid that the fish would die from the water, but we couldn’t get the vaccine. I asked Luigi: Can we give doctors and nurses a symbolic but important measure to give vaccines?” Doing something radical can’t do it. But we did it through the secret services. An incredible thing, the foreign minister of Italy and the prime minister of Albania are smuggling contraband to save people”.

Rama added: “Then we couldn’t hide the vaccines, we had to deliver them. Advocates of Pfizer They threatened lawsuits and wanted to know how we got them, but we said: from a friendly country”. And when they asked which country, “I said. You know, you should never abandon a friend to the police, so we learned from the Neapolitans that I will never abandon a friend. “Now you’ll have newspapers saying you’re a smuggler,” said Rama, finally assured. De Mayo In any dispute: “Luigi, you are now a free man”.

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