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Alarm bell from the head of the nurses' union: "Without increasing quotas, lack of services"

Alarm bell from the head of the nurses’ union: “Without increasing quotas, lack of services”

Stefano Giglio comments on the association’s double-stop on budget. “Those dissenting voices were wrong.”

Udine. The nurses’ union is not giving up and is seeking an internal agreement, but the training activities are in jeopardy. And while waiting for the next meeting of the Medical Syndicate to review the budget, work is also in full swing among the nurses.

Both categories grapple with an agreement that leads to the approval of the accounting document. During the first meeting called by the nurses’ union, the budget, despite its strength, was rejected.

The analysis by the president of Udinese, Stefano Giglio, illustrates different aspects of the situation that has arisen.

Mr. President, after the rejection of the budget, did you draw a line?

“We are directed to make an internal reflection, as management, of respecting all nurses who respected established rules.”

Will another meeting be called?

“We will consider the possibility of proposing a new assembly with a different budget and changing the existing quota.”

it by saying?

“In the face of the low quota, it will be necessary to cut some services.”


We analyze this aspect. The proposal, at the last meeting, was to increase the quota from 70 to 80 euros per year, less than a cup of coffee per month. In the face of rejection, we have to consider cutting services, due to lack of economic support. Budget stop was a mistake. We have a large cash fund, but it can only be used for extraordinary activities.”

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Is there time to call the next gathering?

“As soon as we understand the scissors to give, the Assembly will be called again. At the moment we are in extraordinary activity, but we take responsibility for a whole group.”

How do you read the council vote?

“I am convinced that this type of opposition is not directed in the right direction. There are no items on the balance sheet with a minus sign. The balance is healthy.”

What are the hopes for today in light of the upcoming meeting?

“The hope is that the next confrontation with the National Federation and our board of directors there will be a responsibility that will lead us to think importantly about running the organization and know how to be professional and take charge of the ethics aspect of our profession. We expect it to be a direct and accurate confrontation because there was only one vote of dissent, without contradiction. ».

In the end, only quota increases were refused?

“Yes. We could not vote against a healthy budget.”

However, there is a general malaise that affects you and the doctors.

“This moment highlights the deep sense of crisis our profession is experiencing in the post-pandemic era. The Board of Directors viewed with concern some of these signs. If we leave behind in part the difficult moments that we experienced in critical areas, in hospitals and also at the regional level, the same importance has brought to light all the problems accumulated over the years and years of silence and concealment of nursing. We cannot stand as officials of public order in the face of our colleagues. Certainly we also feel on the side of our colleagues who have decided to oppose the proposals made.”

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The position of the choices of the central health authority Friuli?

“Unfortunately, running a public body requires professional policy choices that may seem uncomfortable, but which also have to be seen in the future. But if we want to tackle the future in the best possible way, we must build new paths and to succeed we must all work together.”

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