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Alan Wake 2: The Lake House, the second expansion, has an official release month announced by Remedy


Alan Wake 2 It continues to grow and will do so again this fall with him The second expansion is titled The Lake House And now with A Official release month It was announced by Remedy, along with some vague details about its history.

Alan Wake 2: The Lake House will be available on October 2024the same month that physical versions of Alan Wake 2 will also be available, although there is no specific date yet, the fact that Physical releases are scheduled for October 22nd. That this includes both expansions suggests that The Lake House is expected before or on the same day.

However, there is now a more precise time window to place this second part of the history that forms the strange picture of Alan Wake 2’s story, which actually expanded last month with the arrival of Night Springs, the first expansion bringing with it three new stories with many heroes.

Will we see a crossover with Control?

There’s not a lot of information yet about the contents of The Lake House, but it may represent More direct contact with the world of controlwhich as we know is part of the same connected universe as Remedy.

Jesse Faden from Control in Alan Wake 2: Night Springs

In fact, the story appears to have something to do with an “independent government organization,” which could be the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

The title, The Lake House, actually refers to the structure at Cauldron Lake in Bright Falls, where this mysterious organization is conducting “secret research,” things that seem to be closely reminiscent of the situations seen in Control, with the relationship between the two games already announced by Remedy in the past.

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In the meantime, we’ll refer you to our dedicated site on everything you need to know about Alan Wake: Night Springs to see how things went with the game’s first expansion.

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