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Al Shabibi: "I will tell you the truth about fighting with my singer"

Al Shabibi: “I will tell you the truth about fighting with my singer”

Sunday 8 May, Vittorio my little boy 70 years old and for this occasion gave an interview with Republic Which, inevitably, we ended up talking about the fight that broke out with him Giampiero Mugeni In Maurizio Costanzo’s show. “I didn’t do anything this time, he hit me‘ said Vittorio Sagarbi, explaining that he found himself in the midst of a struggle forHe defended Al Bano, who was talking about his relationship with Putin“.

Vittorio Sgarbi knows the medium of television well and knows that it is primarily made up of unexpected events and incidents that often contribute to making moments of discussion iconic and designed to make history. The feud with Giampiero Mogini onstage by Maurizio Costanzo was not the first clash between him and Vittorio Sgarpi, who had already had an argument three years earlier during the crisis of the first Conte government. After getting to the physical confrontation, Maurizio Costanzo apparently asked them to return to his program to seal the peace, but at this point, Vittorio Sparpi had a very special vision: “It’s a bit of one writtenLet’s see, come on“.

During the interview, there was a moment of reflection when the art critic recalled his recent past with cancer To the prostate:During closing I was in Asiago. My ankles are swollen. The doctor, former MP Mario Pepe, hugged me when he saw the results of the tests: “You have a tumor, but I don’t see metastases”At that moment the treatment process began:Forty Rays, at Saint Elena in Rome, followed by Professor Giuseppe Sanguinetti. I had a painting by Adelchi, Riccardo Mantovani, who brought it up and hung it from the ceiling: I watched them bombard me.“.

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It was a powerful experience for Vittorio Scabrebi, who has since ceased to consider himself invincible. And this was not the first time that the art critic had risked his life, as he himself told La Repubblica: “I was in Brescia, and at night they opened churches just for me. Then, exhausted, I asked the driver to take me to Florence. Along the way I began to feel a heavy weight on my heart, after Mantua I asked him to leave the motorway and go to the nearest hospital in Modena. They woke up the doctor and he operated on me. Another half hour and it will be DieDr. Capello told me“.

During the interview, the art critic recalled some of his past experiences, such as his first job as a fine arts inspector in Venice at the age of 24. Growing up in a middle-class family, he always frequented intellectual circles, but he grew up wanting to break away from this family model, preferring another model in line with his personality, often consisting of excesses. “I believe all the women they have are over 1500, I conquered and dedicated them to my father and my uncle, Bruno Cavallini, the great scholar, whose wife left him because he found the love letters written by a loverSays the critic who, when reminded of the judge who wanted to subject him to a psychological examination, replies:I’m not crazy, I am Free. I did what I wanted“.