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Al-Mashoor Island, which will be released on May 30, 2022?  5 VIPs have been nominated since last night

Al-Mashoor Island, which will be released on May 30, 2022? 5 VIPs have been nominated since last night

between who went out definitively h New RecommendationsAnd the Celebrity Island 2022 Continue to keep the company of the public at home. So it’s also for Episode twenty last nightAnd the Friday May 27 Which is at the end of the live broadcast Space for unprecedented voting information By contestants so far in the cast.

Who will leave the famous island of 2022?

In fact, there are 5 VIPs who compete on TV until the next episode for the famous 2022 island. It revolves around: Estefania BernalAnd the Laurie Del SantoAnd the Marco MacariniAnd the Marialaura de Vitesse And the Nick Luciani of cousins. The question to be answered for a competitor’s television isWho do you want to save?a question that will obviously find an answer starting around 21:40 from Monday 30 May.

5 VIPs compete in TV broadcasts until May 30

So this isNominations result last nightAfter the “untouchables” so far in the working group are welcome to point who send to tv. As for Estefania, sending her to the challenge is Maria LauraAnd the Test winner In the episode and most competitors nominated by VIPs. On the other hand, Marko ends up in the label grip of Nicholas Vaporidis, who won the other live test. Finally: Nick de Cogeny who was nominated by Boss Luca Davry.

Last night’s nominations result

Meanwhile, during Last night’s episode May 27, 2022There is also a new ruling with unlikely. to completely give upFamous Island And having to go back to Italy Fabrizia Santarelli. How is that? Fabrizia loses TV blink challenge which relate to the so-called “Sgamadissimi”. the challenger Gennaro Olito Instead he returns to “Playa Palapa” and specifically as the winner of this latest challenge.

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Mercedes Henger is back in the game

Finally: a choice Roger Baldwin to stay on “Playa Sigamadisima” (He was the loser of the TV broadcast challenge against Maria Laura) and back to the game Mercedes Hinger (which reach others and even after their previous owners have rescued them).