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rome \ aise \ – “We hope to continue to strengthen cooperation with the US Department of Defense in the space sector, in particular with regard to joint training and training, and to give impetus to the Italian Defense’s participation in CSpO, the joint space operations initiative.” So Admiral Giuseppe Cavo DragonThe Chief of Defense Staff, who met yesterday with the Chief of Space Operations of the US Space Force in Rome, John W Raymond.
The CSpO In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, to enhance deterrence, improve resilience and improve resources in the space domain. Subsequently, New Zealand, Germany and France joined the project, so far the only European countries represented in CSpO.
Although not a purely operational project, it constitutes a forum of international importance in which the future of space operations, ideological evolution and common standards for interoperability are discussed from a multilateral perspective.
During the meeting, the US commitment – already demonstrated during the recent Space Symposium – from Support Italy’s intention to be part of CSpO. Furthermore, it was agreed upon the opportunity to open specific bilateral technical discussions on issues of space policy, space doctrine and operations, in preparation for Italy’s accession to this forum.
In addition, the possibility of participating in the Schriever Wargame exercise, an open US exercise for selected partner nations, and attending advanced level space courses held by the US Space Force, was discussed.
General John W. Raymond is the first and current chief of the newly formed US Space Force, the sixth US armed force (plus the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard), which uses an articulated structure that includes the General Staff, responsible for developing doctrine and plans to perform the functions of the Space Force. , and three field orders for the preparation and use of troops.
With regard to aspects of cooperation with the USA, Italy is proud of the traditional and profitable activity of capacitive and operational exchanges between defenses in the space sector. In particular, MOUs activate access to the GPS encrypted service, called PPS (Precise Positioning System), for the exchange of satellite communication resources (SATCOM) and the exchange of data and information. from SSA (Space Situation Awareness), which is necessary to perform orbital maneuvers to safely avoid collisions with other operational satellites and space debris. (aise)

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