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Airbnb unveils identity of Digital Nomad 2.0


April 13


by Redazione
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The classic stereotype of digital nomads? She is 20 years old, single, self-employed with tech working from a remote Asian location. Forget the second Airbnbwho talks about The new digital nomads 2.0just drawn by Parliament Special Residence Visanow grown up, are marketing and communications experts over 35 years old, who move with their partner and disdain staying for more than three months in Italy, preferably in one of the southern regions.

Airbnb gives its answer in numbers: The One-Year Live Program in House for 1 euro in Sambuca di Sicilia Collect in a few weeks More than 100,000 orders from all over the world. So thanks to Mezzogiorno, Italy is back in the race in a match Tourism after covid and work remotely.

The A report on digital nomads in Italya study conducted byItalian Digital Nomads Association and through Airbnb Interviewing a sample of about 2,000 workers who are remote or about to pack their bags.

46% of remote worker Respondents have already had experiences with digital nomadism, while the remaining 54% said they want to do so in the near future. If the phenomenon mostly affects the a womanWhich accounts for 54% of the respondents, the reference age is that 25 to 44 years old (67%). On a professional level? New Bedouins are an employee or collaborator (52%), working mainly in the marketing and communications sectors (27%) and presenting on average High level of education: 42% have a bachelor’s degree and 31% have a master’s or doctoral degree. This kind of experience is no longer the domain of bachelors: those who choose it actually prefer it Your partner company (44%) or family (23%).

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The south and the islands These destinations were rated overall by three out of four people interviewed (76%). The activities that remote workers and digital nomads would like to experience that matter most are: cultural and food and wine related activities (60%), followed by nature-related activities (51%), indigenous experiences and characteristics of the area (40%) and socializing activities with the local community (37 %). Duration of stay? Experience can range for many from one to three months (42%), or three to six (25%).

Find GiacomoCountry Director of Airbnb Italia, explains: “By emphasizing smart work and hybrid work, more and more people do not need to go to the office every day: for the first time, millions of people can live anywhere, thus defining the biggest change in the world of travel since the introduction of Commercial flights.

“Attracting remote workers and digital nomads to our country is a great opportunity to differentiate the traditional tourism offer and develop innovative projects with a strong social impact – comments Alberto MattePresident of the Italian Association of Digital Nomads – Issues such as remote work and digital nomads can contribute to narrowing the economic, social and regional gap in Italy.”


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