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Airbnb: Total freedom in smart work, employees become 'digital nomads'

Airbnb: Total freedom in smart work, employees become ‘digital nomads’

staff Airbnb they become ‘digital nomadsOnce the most dangerous phase of the epidemic is overcome, home sharing platform workers will be Freedom to return to the office or work on smart work at their discretion.

The CEO decided that Brian Cheskywhich to help destinations seize the opportunity of intelligent business announced its launch “Live and work anywhere” a Collaboration Program To create the appropriate infrastructure to host new remote workers at the sites they choose to join.

Every Airbnb employee – More than 6000 people Spread in 27 cities around the world – you’ll have complete freedom to organize and choose whether to continue choosing smart work or more frequent corporate offices, simply by booking a workstation.

In a letter to employees, Chesky wrote: “Airbnb operates in a sector where personal exchanges are vital. The ideal would be Being able to combine the best of the digital world with life in existence, the efficiency of video conferencing and the relationships that only arise when people sit together. We’ve found a solution that we believe offers the best of both worlds.”

The Airbnb initiative builds on a few key elements: employees can choose at any time to work from an office or from home; Given the possibility of moving to any place on the national level, the salary will remain unchanged; He will also be given the right to travel and work abroad; The company will organize various meetings throughout the year.

The ‘Live and Work Anywhere’ program aims to connect regions, local authorities and tourism promotion companies for Turning destinations into veritable ‘hubs’ for digital nomads. An in-house team made up of different functions will be provided to partners to prepare the ground for digital nomads and revitalize local communities even outside of traditional tourist destinations and peak season.

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