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Airbnb gets tougher: canceling a host reservation will cost up to $1,000

An Airbnb host saying “Look, there’s nothing else they can do about it” to the guest who’s about to arrive, As of August 22, he risks seeing his wages drop by $1,000. As of that date, the conditions for cancellations that can be avoided by hosts will change.

Airbnb He decided To interfere with reservations previously canceled by the host (i.e. the person providing their accommodation) for trivial reasons or simply to change their mind: an afterthought that costs the host a maximum of $100.

The old regulation, which will remain in effect until August 21, resulted in a $50 deduction from the host’s fee if the host canceled the reservation 7 days after check-in. Or $100 if the guest will check in within 7 days.

You will need a valid reason to cancel your reservation without consequences

From August 22, the fee reduction becomes progressive and takes into account the reasons for cancellation of the reservation by the host: If there is a good reason then nothing will happen, otherwise the shrink axis will fall off.

Causes that are valid and beyond the control of the host can be emergency repairs or serious personal illnessbut both must be attested, either from photos of the fracture or from medical documents.

Another good reason is to know for sure The guest intends to organize a party or break the house rules imposed by the host. Again, evidence, such as conversations or text messages, will be needed.

The host will not have to worry about last minute cancellation even in the case of extenuating circumstances, Such as epidemics, natural disasters or other restrictions imposed by the authorities.

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Pay attention to the conditions of residence

Outside of these or other valid reasons, if cancellation occurs more than 30 days before check-in, the cost will be equal to 10% of the reservation amount. If there is more than 48 hours from check-in, but less than 30 days before, the cost will be 25% of the reservation amount. If the reservation is canceled 48 hours or less before check-in, or after check-in, the cost will be 50% of the reservation amount for unused nights.

However, this progression works within the scope of: the minimum amount of fees deducted from the host It can’t be less than $50 and never more than $1,000.

Airbnb has also become stricter regarding housing conditions. If the guest cannot stay because the accommodation is endangering his health (for example, due to the massive presence of mold) or if it is completely different from what was described, Maximum discount costs will apply, as if the host had canceled the reservation at the last minute.