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Air conditioners Watch out for the ban: a fine of 100,000 euros

This year’s summer certainly wasn’t too long ago, and the heat is already starting to feel in the first weeks of June. However, you should pay attention to those who rely on it for its installation: a bona fide choice can cost up to one hundred thousand euros in fines.

Very high fine –

The air conditionerIn summer, it can be considered a man’s best friend! This device is, in fact, capable of refresh In a short time large closed spaces, giving us a little satisfaction of the warm temperatures in summer.

However, costs, from purchase to maintenance, are remarkably high, especially in the past six months, due to Increases on billing. .

Air conditioners: what is the regulation of “fluorinated gas”

The one thing that not everyone knows is that you need to pay special attention to it Technical on which you depend to install An air conditioner that must meet all the requirements stipulated in the “Fluorinated Gas” law. This is what it is about and what you risk if you do not respect this regulation.

air conditioners
Air conditioners, prohibitions –

The “F-Gas” Law was included in Decree No. 146/2018 which entered into force on January 24, 2019 Grammar Very specific, among other things, also with regard to the installation of air conditioners. According to this standard, in fact, installers should be Participants to the F-Gas database.

The standard for installing air conditioners
Installer technician –

More precisely, according to Article 8 of the aforementioned decree, any person dealing with installation / maintenance systems of air conditioners and / or fire-fighting equipment containing fluorinated gases – whether a company or a natural person – must be in possession of certificateobtained after taking Examwhich certifies registration in the “F-Gas” database.

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So it is not possible to rely on the skills of friends and relatives to install air conditioners in our homes, but it is the case it is necessary Contact expert technicians with the above-mentioned certificate to verify their skills. If you do not comply with this legislation, you risk being subjected to a single payment big punishment.

Air conditioner installation
conditioner –

High fine for those who do not respect the rule

The costs of purchasing and maintaining an air conditioner are quite high in and of themselves; In the event of non-compliance with the “F-Gas” legislation, there is a risk a plus especially the expenses Given that in this case, one is subject to a fine.

fine –

For those who do not comply with the above rule, in fact, they are provided by ten thousands to me Hundred thousand Euro fine. Therefore it is necessary to always rely only on technicians who have the right Requirements.