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Agricultural unemployment 2021 when will it be liquidated?  INPS . Payments

Agricultural unemployment 2021 when will it be liquidated? INPS . Payments

When will agricultural unemployment be eliminated in 2021? latest news

Agricultural Unemployment 2021 When Liquidated – DS Agricola Payments 2021

The agricultural unemployment It is an allowance paid to workers in agriculture who are registered in the lists of agricultural workers. When Agricultural unemployment 2021?

Let’s try to explore together the issues related to the agricultural unemployment payment Inps. But first let’s take a quick look at the main requirements for this question.

Who can receive agricultural unemployment 2021?

The National Institute of Agricultural Unemployment 2021 It can be received from:

  • permanent agricultural workers
  • temporary workers
  • small settlers
  • family partners
  • small direct farmers who paid voluntarily up to 51 days Registration in the lists of agricultural names
  • Permanent agricultural workers who only work for a certain period of the year
  • Agricultural workers who quit for a good reason

Also you must have At least 102 working days In the previous biennium – 2020 and 2019.

Let’s take an example:

  • 2019: 60 days
  • 2020: 42 days


  • 2019: 56 days
  • 2020: 53 days

…and so on…
The total for the previous two year period must equal at least 102 business days.

When will agricultural unemployment be eliminated in 2021?

The deadline for submitting an application for agricultural disruption for the current year was On March 31, 2021. Last year, the order was extended until 30/06 due to the first wave of covid19.

By March 31, 2021, it will be necessary to submit (or Personally or through sponsorship) app to INPS.

Generally, most payables are paid on the days between June and beginning of July 2021 (depending on the application date) which is why we invite everyone to access Social Security Inps . file To be able to directly check the exact date and amount Agricultural Unemployment Payments for 2021.

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I agamenti of agricultural unemployment In 2021 they should start on Thursday 17th June – 06/17/2021.

– Updates from the unquestionable team will follow as usual –

how Agricultural unemployment 2021?

Unemployment is paid by INPS in one solution and can be obtained or through Debited to a bank account Or on a postal account, taking care to provide the relevant data during the application stage all’IBAN Or cash (maximum €1,000) at post offices.

Even online countercurrent holders can indicate all payment details during the application stage and check the amount on the exact day of the 2021 Agricultural Unemployment Payment.

In the case of postal payment, on the other hand, you must go to the post office with:

  • Tax code and identification document
  • Original letter from INPS confirming availability of agricultural unemployment payments

Online consultations from
If you think you qualify for agricultural unemployment, but you are not receiving updates on your application and/or want to clarify some related issues, you can take advantage of Personalized advice. Our pension experts for ten years Experience In the sector, they are waiting for you!

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