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Gestione casi Covid: accordo tra Regione e medici di medicina generale

Agreement between territory and general practitioners

Covid case management: agreement between the territory and general practitioners © nc

Agreement between the territory of Puglia and the unions of general practitioners (Fimmg, Smi and Snami) on the management of COVID cases in Apulia. “The agreement is good news – says Michele Emiliano, president of the Puglia region – because it shows a harmony that has never been lost between the region and the social partners on an issue that should see everyone united: the fight against the pandemic.” For the Director of the Ministry of Health, Vito Montanaro, “Today’s agreement will allow the people of Puglia to know the course of assistance and treatment in case of infection with the Coronavirus and assures that general practitioners are essential in the fight against the epidemic.”

Following yesterday’s meeting, a joint statement was signed: “Today, the Ministry of Health briefed the trade unions representing public medicine, within the Regional Standing Committee, on a Memorandum of Understanding for the management on the regional territory of the Covid 19 emergency by defining the paths and skills of the various actors directly involved All persons with a positive test result of Covid 19, as of 11.01.2022, will be managed directly by the ASL also with a recall and a test appointment to confirm recovery.

Starting from 12.1.2022 asymptomatic persons who test positive for third generation antigen testing or for molecular testing provided by authorized structures, for purposes of measuring segregation, setting tampons and providing successful recovery, also for purposes of green corridor, will be directly managed by local health authorities with automated methods and procedures generated by the IRIS platform. Only for asymptomatic and positive subjects, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 229/2021, is the acceptance of the foreseen plan of action, which in addition to the already foreseen normal activities, will generate a request for a controlled store for the purpose of providing recovery. The distributor’s recording of a negative swab test result automatically involves feeding the Green Passage version into the database.

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The signatory union organizations express their satisfaction with the signing of the operating protocol that will allow primary care physicians to better manage the clinical phase of the disease by strengthening the relationship of trust between physician and patient.”