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Si è aperta una nuova voragine nel quartiere Centocelle a Roma, con un labirinto sotterraneo

After the chasm, an enormous underground labyrinth was discovered under the Centocelle Houses; Details »

Rome: After the chasm, a huge underground labyrinth was discovered under the Centocelle houses. the details

A new hole has opened in the Centocelle district of Rome, with an underground labyrinthFabulous
Discover in Rome: after opening a huh He found himself huge
underground maze Under the neighborhood houses a hundred cells: grenme Report details.

phenomenon sewers It’s not at all new in the capital: sometimes gods are discovered real underground holeswhich is located starting from a small hole in the road surface through which it can be seen Dozens or even hundreds of meters of cavities.

For example, biology Tor de ‘Schiavi and Prenestino-Centocelle They hide hollow tunnels under the asphalt that somehow develop branched.

phenomenon The residents are not at all reassuredbecause they live with the awareness that theirs Homepage could Director Office at any moment. Their plight was exacerbated by Frequent leaks It affects the water and sewage networks in the region, which does nothing but Further weakening of underground structures.

term “sinkIt was first introduced in 60 seconds To refer to circular depressions formed after Underground karst cavities collapse. In geology, it is a very dangerous form of natural disaster, as it is so sudden in its development that it swallows nothing.

By comparing pit-prone environments, it was found that they have in common Similar morphological characteristicsThis is the pillar soluble rocks With a thick blanket of Alluvial deposits.

Among the causative factors, the presence of aActivates the circulation of groundwater under pressuresudden impulses generated by a Earthquake, or the Vibrations and loads of human originwhich is the case with Rome.

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ISPRA (Higher Institute of Environmental Protection and Research) has a
A map of the risk of drowning in the Capitoline areaFor display in the attached image.

Sewer hazard map of the municipality of Rome (Source: ISPRA)Sewer hazard map of the municipality of Rome (Source: ISPRA)