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"After anointing."  Prime Minister disaster in the middle of the street?  - Free daily

“After anointing.” Prime Minister disaster in the middle of the street? – Free daily

But it is Mario Draghi? Suspicion Dagosbia The semi-rhetorical question is legitimate, because the answer appears to be: Yes, he is the prime minister. The political gossip site he founded and runs Roberto D’Agostino It draws on its obscure and prolific (and salty) sources and publishes a decidedly intriguing picture: several cars swallowed up in Roman traffic, stationary, and apparently blocked after an accident.

“But is it dragee?”: Look at the picture of Dagospia

A scene roughly from movie to movie Robert Altman. Because in the midst of chaos, with men in masks opening the trunk of a sedan (who knows, he might pull the triangle according to civil law) and a roadside man waving his arms just a few steps away from two wrecked cars, not knowing if another driver should complain or apologize. On neglect behind the wheel, here comes a special character, all dressed, not even a misplaced hair. Institutional elegance, a solemn step in the middle of the hamburger. The picture is almost surreal, especially given the chaos of the capital and the anticipated excitement of those around it. And here on Dago the flea jumps in the ear.

The picture is grainy, but if you look at it carefully, the doubts quickly fade away: “Flash – it’s the official shout! Rear collision. Was Mario Draghi filmed that man in the middle of a traffic accident? You see a car with a flashing lights, men accompanying, two cars involved in an accident, a passerby waving his arms … “Who knows if the prime minister should not add one to the full list of“ support ”and other“ refreshments ”.

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