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"After 10 years with Lino Guanciale I found out I'm a lesbian"

“After 10 years with Lino Guanciale I found out I’m a lesbian”

new life for Antonita Bello. Four years after the end of his relationship with linen pillowthe Friulian actress returns to talk about her great love storythat ran from 2008 to 2018, and how she was able to rebuild her life after the end of that chapter.

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Antonita Bello: “After 10 years with Lino Guiliali, I discovered that I was a lesbian”

“When Leno and I broke up it was so painful: after all this love, after 10 years of living together, it was a failure to deal with it,” Antonita explained to mics for Diva and Donna. “I had a life to rebuild, I started from scratch. Now I am happy again, Leno and I remain friends. ” An unexpected revelation follows: “Now I can no longer be engaged to him or to another man: I love women. At the age of thirty-five I realized that I was Lesbian“.

This part of himself that remained undiscovered until the age of thirty was discovered in a very spontaneous and gradual manner. “For me it was all so normal, I didn’t experience it as a tear: it was as if being a person had always been a part of me, even though it showed up between the ages of 34 and 35.”

“It was a gradual, subtle and natural transition,” he says. Little by little I felt more and more attracted to women, and then, at a certain point, I felt attracted to women only.” After entering into a relationship with a woman, whom he “met through mutual friends”, Antonietta reveals that she is celibate. “I was wondering what it would be like, and now I understand that having a relationship with a woman means that there is no set path for how to act and what to desire. I felt a huge potential for building a relationship: nothing was written, everything was to be created ».

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