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10 giorni con caldo africano sempre più forte

African cyclone for at least 10 days, heat and drought to the bitter end »

Liberation weather Thursday, July 14: An African cyclone for at least 10 days, heat and drought until the bitter end

10 days with increasingly strong African heatelse North African attackAnother hot season started early on May 10th! This time a red hot attack will be brought Much of Western EuropeTemperatures will rise to unbelievable levels from Spain to Germany through France and southern England. No rain is expected in the next 10 days in Europe, if not in Scandinavia and locally between Austria and Slovenia due to heat storms. The heat will show anomalous peaks, and we will be able to record temperatures as high as 16 degrees above the average for the period between France and Germany.

in Italia Shows the most extreme weather map Freezing point at an altitude of 5200 metres: In this case we will not have sub-zero temperatures in any area of ​​our country, we expect record highs again of 10 ° C even in Mont Blanc as happened a month ago, in mid-June!

there drought Because of the little rains in winter and spring, it is clear that it will not find relief from this record summer, hot and dry; However, it must be said, once again, that the drought is not resolved by the storms of summer, and the correct policy is Autumn precipitation massAnd winter and spring in small new tanks.

Returning to the heat, theAt first, Italy will be affected by the worst air mass Which will head towards the Iberian Peninsula, France and Germany: however, we will touch again tomorrow 37/38 °C in the Po . Valley.
Next week could be worse with higher values ​​and an extension to the central regions. In the south we will see a warm period, but it is not exceptional, we have unfortunately become accustomed to the worst of the last twenty years.

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We confirm that the return of North Africa these days will most likely be one of them The most intense in history at the European level: The worst days will be Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 July with deviations from average climatic values ​​+ 16 ° C between France and Germany, and + 12 ° C also in England, Holland and Belgium. Italy can be reached with temperatures about 14 degrees higher than in July: a quick calculation that leads us to a prediction, regarding 28/29 °C on average in the Po Valley, Highs 42/43°C In the middle of next week!

Spain will be the country most affected Where maximum temperatures, at least until 23/24 July, will be around 40/42°C, with a peak of 45/47°C! In Italy, the greatest risk will be related to The continuation of this heat waveIn the first stage, especially in the north.

conclusion: During the Solleone period, from mid-July to mid-August, it’s always hot, but this year It’s definitely an exaggeration!

in detail

Thursday 14. In the north: more clouds on Trevento, sun and heat. In the middle: sunny and warm. In the south: good weather.

Friday 15. In the north: very sunny and hot, some storms on the borders of Trevento. In the middle: sunny and warm. In the south: sunny.

Saturday 16. In the north: sunny and very hot. In the middle: sunny and warm. In the south: sunny and warm.

direction. In the following days, the North African cyclone intensified; The temperatures are constantly increasing, and the heat is intense especially in the northern center.

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