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Afghanistan, USA: Taliban guilty of executing former agents – Last Hour


(ANSA) – Washington, Dec. 4 The United States and its Western allies yesterday evening accused the Taliban regime of carrying out “brief executions” of former members of the Afghan security forces, human rights organizations revealed.

“We are deeply concerned by reports of summary executions and enforced disappearances of former members of the Afghan security forces, as documented by Human Rights Watch and others,” nearly 20 countries, including the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan said in a published statement. by the US State Department.

“We affirm that the alleged measures constitute serious human rights violations and are inconsistent with the amnesty announced by the Taliban,” the group said, calling on the new Afghan leadership to ensure that the amnesty is implemented and “maintained throughout the country and throughout the country.” All ranks.”

This week, the NGO Human Rights Watch released a report documenting the “killings or disappearances of 47 former Afghan National Security Forces personnel who surrendered or were detained by Taliban forces between August 15 and October 31. The victims are military, police, intelligence agents and militiamen.”

For Washington and its allies, “reported cases must be investigated quickly and transparently, those responsible must be held accountable, and these steps must be clearly announced to act as an immediate deterrent to further killings and disappearances.”

In addition to the United States and the European Union, the signatories to the statement are Germany, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, North Macedonia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland. and Ukraine. (Dealing).

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