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Afghanistan also affects crisis minister Luigi de Mayo.  Furnaceina's Note - Time

Afghanistan also affects crisis minister Luigi de Mayo. Furnaceina’s Note – Time

Contemplate this notion as you interact with others. Echoes of the crisis in Afghanistan are affecting Europe and Italy as well. The situation has escalated with speed and roar that no one expected, but now we need a reaction. The whole West joint if possible. Our country is also working on this. “Italy is working with European partners to resolve the crisis, which protects human rights, especially the rights of women,” said Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. “

The Voltage, Further PoliticsHowever, it rises by the hour. To that extent Staff of the Chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Forced to clarify with a note, How de Mayo has already given the option to report to parliament this week, Turn off Controversy After the release of some footage Minister in Puglia, Michael Emiliano, regional leader, and former minister, now at sea with Francesco Posia, deputy leader of the Democratic Party and head of local authorities.

From the web to tips, many are attacked by the majority. “The foreign minister must leave the beach and come to parliament for urgent information,” said Maria Elena Poshi, Italy’s parent company, who is still alive in the room. Iv proposes to “make the Sigonella site available to accommodate those fleeing Kabul”.

Meanwhile, “Despite the rapid deterioration of security conditions, the humanitarian transport operations for the Afghan personnel cooperating with Italy are in full swing. We are following the situation in Afghanistan with great care and apprehension. , Minister Kureni, who asked Tracy on the phone today for the deeper situation, promises. Although the rapid advance of the Taliban and the unavailability of Herat Airport currently make the routes even more complicated.

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