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AEW: CM Punk left the script in Dynamite and threatened to leave the company

AEW: CM Punk left the script in Dynamite and threatened to leave the company

CM Punk challenged Hangman Page to a rematch on the August 17 episode of AEW Dynamite, but according to the Wrestling Observer, he wasn’t expected to do so. News confirmed by Fightful in these hours. Fightful has been said by several AEW members that they believe the situation that arose on the August 17 episode of Dynamite would have been “unfair” to Hangman Page had he not been aware of it.

A source said, “Even if he knew what he would have done? Would he rush into the ring and get past Tony? Want to stop a promotion that you know you don’t have to attend? There was no way the executioner could ‘win’ in this situation.” Adam Page was clearly present in the building, but he didn’t seem to react in a certain way. Those who spoke to Fightful said that Hangman is not an aggressive person and is generally well liked among the members of the roster.

PWInsider claims that Punk’s words to the page were a “100% response” to the page and that the two have had an issue that has persisted over the past few months. During their feud, Big Punk was presented as an outsider to AEW, whom Big was supposed to defend the company from. Punk defeated Page for the AEW World Title at Double or Nothing, but had to postpone his reign due to a broken foot.

Punk then takes the opportunity to give Page tit for tat those comments on that occasion. According to Johnson, Paige and Punk did not communicate with each other before or after the Wednesday night show and there seems to be some mistrust between them. It’s important to note that this is locker room speculation and not a direct statement from Punk. For its part, CM Punk was going to act this way in response to the hangman’s promo that alluded to Punk’s troubles with Colt Cabana and it happened within a week Punk was not on the show, while on the contrary, CM Punk did it. promo. While the page was present.

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Sources familiar with the situation claim that CM Punk has often verbally expressed his displeasure, even recently, in a stark way that suggests he may have left the company. People close to him said he could have decided to stay home instead of coming to Dynamite on August 17, but they don’t think he would have left AEW. Fightful wrote that he had no indication that CM Punk had actually decided to leave AEW but a veteran said he had heard of “threats” from him.