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Adriano Celentano conquers Generation Z with the song “Amore no” that went viral on Tik Tok


Generation Z started going crazy for Adriano Celentano and that 1979 song, Amore no.

Celentano –

There are many videos posted on Tik Tok with various dances by different users. What attracts the most attention is the fact that a song released 45 years ago was used as the basis for a song Adriano Celentano.

Adriano Celentano conquers Gen Z with song from nearly 50 years ago

Adriano Celentano has always been one of the most beloved singers to the point that his songs, as well as the duets with Mina, have managed to reach directly into the hearts of everyone who has listened to him.

Moreover, after so many years, it seems that his songs are the ones that many young people have started listening to. It is Chi soo trend tik tok It has become so popular that Generation Z frequently uses Celentano’s song to create various videos that are then posted. The song we’re talking about is… love no.

It was 1979, the year in which Adriano Celentano sang the song in question belonging to the album Soli for the first time. During that period, the song was able to achieve great success. now, After 45 yearsThe song was remixed and started going viral on TikTok, prompting many young people to jump to the beat of the music.

Video on TikTok

Video on TikTok –

The kids then started using their smartphones in selfie mode and recording themselves moving to the music and singing: “Love, love, love, love, love, you can’t. I wanted to make a poem that would just talk about you with a brush written on the walls, I would get what you are to me.”

It’s a song, apparently Kids love it very much They also seem to speak their own language. A song that talks about lost love and when it stops due to a breakup. In fact, there are hundreds of videos on TikTok that have been added as well Hashtag #Amorino.

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This is the period when “Amore no” is the main hero on Tik Tok, even if there are many other hit songs in the past that made young people go crazy. Just think of the song Raffaella Carrà and Pedro remixed by Agatino Romero and Jaxomy or the unforgettable “Povero Gabbiano (Tu Comm’a Mme)” by Gianni Celeste that managed to enter the Spotify charts.


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